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About Cheap Auto Rental in Wallingford, CT

Welcome to Cheap Auto Rental LLC located at 384 S Colony Rd. in Wallingford,CT And. We are a Used Car Rental Business which also specialises in lower priced used cars with a focus on Buy Here Pay Here Financing.  We require no Credit check, there is no finance charge, there is no interest.  To Qualify for financing you just need to have verifiable stable employment or other income, phone, and residency in the local Area.  Down payments as low as $388 plus tax and registration and payments of $50/week.  Almost all vehicles come with a thirty day, fifteen hundred mile warranty.  We are online with DMV to register your purchase on the spot.  Please call us at 203-269-1106 to arrange a test drive or visit our website www.cheapautoct.com to view our complete inventory.

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